New family member.

I took Mike to pick out a very early birthday present today.
I told him he could get an indoor kitty.

Met the newest member of our family.
He picked out, Jack.
He is a 3yr old, super fluffy and big, black and white, and very cuddly.



+ and -

- Tired from working out on my wii fit.
+ Feel like I got a really good workout which is my goal.
- Sucks only one of us having a job.
- Sucks having so many bills.
++ Happy about how much we are getting back from taxes. Thank you Nola hehe.
+ Getting my hair finished on Saturday.
- Mike will be gone Thur-Sun at Estrella War.
- Having to work all week like always.
+ Nola growing up and becoming a real person. It's crazy.
- Wanting to go shopping but can't right now.
+ Having a wonderful hubby and daughter.



Nola broke my laptop. She pulled it onto the floor.
So i'm sitting in front of the big plasma tv on Mike's mac mini.
As we speak thought Mike is taking in my laptop in hope they can fix it.
Or at the very least restore all my stuff off of it.
Because I would be very said if I lost all that stuff. There is so much.

But on a happy note. I am finally wearing my wedding rings again!
I took them in on Wednesday to get them re-sized and hooked together.
I went and picked them up today. They are like new. All shiny and perfect.
I have worn them since I was about 4 months pregnant.
Silly Bean making my fingers all big.

Tomorrow(Sun), is the big Cardinals/deep fry party at our place.
The game starts at 1. So people should come over around noonish.
We will be watching the game and deep frying everything. Hahaha.
At least that's the plan.
So bring whatever you would like to deep fry.

Random notes:
- There are tons of big legos all over my living room.
- We got Nola a baby Suns jersey.
- I'm a nerd and i'm really excited about the planner I got in the mail yesterday that I ordered. Hehe.
- I wanna go play in the snow next weekend with Nola and visit Liz.
- I'm getting tired of my work and I miss being with my baby more.
- I really need to vacuum before tomorrow.
- Lastly, I think i'm gonna dye my hair like Kate Hudson in Almost famous again like I did 5ish years ago. I miss it.


New Years Resolutions.

1. Loose about 15-20 more pounds of baby weight.

2. Cook a lot more meals.

3. Clean up the back yard and make it pretty.

4. Do more of my scrap booking.

5. Teach Nola some sign language.

6. Read more.

7. Try and like my job more.

I think that's it.


Things and such...

- I'm finally over being sick. Woohoo. It took a whole week to go away but I can finally breathe now and that is wonderful. Hehe.

- The new job is going pretty well. I'm still not liking being away from Nola so much though. I keep telling them I want to change my hours so I can leave earlier but so far not much has happened about that. I like Audrey and I's class though. Our kids are fun. Well most of them. Some of them are snot faces. Haha.

- I should have a check at work tomorrow, which is nice because we need it.

- I really really need to do some Christmas shopping. But have to wait till we have some money. I've gotten Nola 3 little things so far. She will like them.

- My Great Grandma died on Friday, she was 99. It's sad because I hadn't got to see her in a long time and I wish I could have. She was adorable and I loved her. I wish she could have met Nola. She did see pictures of her but that's not quite the same.

- Tommy and Hannah are moving into our guest room in a few days. They are only staying for a few months though. That will be odd having roommates again.

- We need to sell our Hyundai and sell the Outrun machine. I want to get rid of those really soon. Anyone want to buy either?

At the moment that's my life. Not a whole lot going on. Just trying to enjoying it.


So yeah....

Today was interesting.

- My sinus infection has turned into something else and I feel horrible.

- The wind was super cold today and that didn't help at all.

- The bathroom in Audrey and I's classroom flooded. And not just a little, the whole room she wet almost and we have a really big classroom.

- While I was at work and Mike was home with Nola, she figured out how to take her diaper off while she was taking her nap and she got pooh all over. Smart baby hehe.